Pebeyre - Truffle Gift Set


This a truffle lovers dream.  It would be perfect also for an aspiring food connoisseur on a journey to test new flavors in the kitchen.

It contains  three items including:  (1) truffle salt,  (1) black truffle sunflower oil & (1) white truffle sunflower oil.


Truffle Salt


- Made in France

- 7 ounces

- Finishing salt


{The Story}

This truffle salt by La Maison Pebeyre is a beautiful finishing salt flavored with shared truffles.  Perfect for sprinkling on eggs, meats, pastas, risottos, vegetables, and baked potatoes.

La Maison Pebeyre was started in a small village in Southwestern France in 1897 and deals exclusively with truffles. For four generations, the company has been family-owned and run.  The Pebeyre brand stands out among truffle connoisseurs, and has now gained an international reputation for exceptional quality.


Black & White Truffle Sunflower Oil


- Made in France

- Set of 2 

- Size: 8.3 ounces

- Finishing oil, rarely used for cooking


{The Story} 

These truffle oils are also from the renowned Pebeyre brand of artisan goods.  

Black truffle oil has a stronger taste than white and is best paired with meats, sauces or casseroles.  It elevates  pasta or risotto dishes and adds a rich depth to mashed and roasted potatoes, vinaigrette, or macaroni and cheese.  It must be tried with Parmesan french fries or popcorn.

White truffle oil is never cooked.  It has a lighter flavor that pairs well with eggs, pasta with cheese, risottos and dishes where it will be added after the cooking is completed, such as drizzled over tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese.





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