Taper Candle - Pistachio



-  Made in Kansas City, Kansas

- Size: 12 inch taper

- Set of two

- Diameter:  ½ inch

- Burn time: 3 to 3 ½ hours

- Soft, illuminating glow & slow, even burn

- Available Color:   Pistachio


{The Story}

Taper candles add a layer of softness that will richly enhance the ambiance of your dinner table or any room of your home. The intricate process of creating the candles really can be appreciated with the flawless finished product. Trained artisans hand-dip the tapers in vats of the finest blend of hot waxes, one paper thin layer at a time until each reaches its specified diameter.  After dipping, the tapers are hung to dry. The Creative Candle factory that makes these stunningly beautiful candles has a history that is over 50 years in the making and along the way has become the choice of the fine establishments and tastemakers around the world.


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