Savon de Marseille Crushed Verbena Bar & Hand



- Made in France

-Soap Bar Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5, 10 oz

- Liquid Soap Size:  16.9 oz 

- Soap bar is super gentle and moisturizing and can be used to wash faces to delicate laundry items

- Fragrance: Crushed Verbena [a citrus-like fragrance]


 {The Story}

Legend has it many French models refuse to use anything else on their pretty faces. The liquid Marseille soap is a staple beside sinks in France since there is nothing gentler for frequent hand-washing.  The soap derived its name because the city of Marseille, on the southern coast of France, was one of the most important soap-making centers. Since 1688, French law has declared that only soaps made according to specific methods may bear the mark  “Savon de Marseille.”  Authentic Marseille soap contains at least 72% vegetable oil (olive and palm), alkaline ash sea plants and Mediterranean seawater. The ingredients must be heated for ten days before being cut into cubes and stamped, and then set out to dry.  The flower pieces gently exfoliate, while the dream-like fragrances transport you to the French countryside.  There are only a few savonneries remaining that still make their soap in this traditional manner using master soapmakers.


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