Milk Glass Nesting Bowls


Three milk glass nesting bowls in a variety of colors made by Mosser Glass in Cambridge, Ohio.


- Made in Cambridge, Ohio

- Set of 3 opaque "milk glass" nesting glass bowls

- Sizes:  20 oz/590 ml, 40 oz/118 L, 65 oz/192 L

- Hand wash only

- Not for microwave or hot liquids

Available Color:  White, Pink, Yellow, Jadeite


{The Story}

Since 1959 Mosser Glass, a second generation family run business, has been using vintage molds and new original designs to create glassware.  The glass is first heated in a furnace and then an artisan presses the molten glass into cast iron molds.  When ready, the mold is opened and removed to reveal a new piece of glassware.  The pieces are then put through an "annealer" that gradually cools the glass over the course of several hours. After completely cooled and hardened, the pieces are polished.  


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