L'Epicurien Flower Confits Set



- Made in France

- Set of 4

- Size:  4.41 ounces each

- Flavor Assortment:

    Violet Flowers:  Enjoy your violet flowers confit with foie grass, poultry, and other white meats.  Pair with cheese or      stir into hot tea to sweeten.

    Lavender Flowers:  This delicate confit can be mixed with cream, yogurt, ice cream, and even paired with lamb or     other meats.  Pair with cheese or stir into hot tea to sweeten.

    Rose Petals:  Stir in a little rose petal confit in your vanilla ice cream or plain yogurt, or spread onto a cracker and       enjoy with a bit of sweet butter.  Pair with cheese or stir into hot tea to sweeten.

    Jasmine Flowers:  Perfect for your cakes, fruit pies, ice creams or to sweeten your hot teas.


{The Story}   

Confit preparation is a speciality of southwestern France and one of the oldest ways to preserve food using a traditional sugar technique. Confits are less sweet than a traditional jam.

L'Epicurien began as delicatessen in Paris in 1982.  Founder Bernard Le Gulvout later began to focus exclusively on traditional production of jam and savoury products.  Over the years the company has established relationships with growers that have resulted in a reliable supply of top quality ingredients all year round.


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