True Cost of Black Friday

November 29 2013

Can you believe it Americans have been duped out of celebrating Thanksgiving  Day in part by big box retailers who have lured them in to supposedly save a few bucks? Think about all the poor employees who were forced to work starting yesterday morning before daylight and did not get to have a decent breakfast with their family on a day that has traditionally been about giving thanks with loved ones.  Instead they shared the day with shopping fanatics who put the turkey in the oven and then headed out the door to get the Pre- Black Friday Blockbuster Deals.

Consumers please wake up. The really supposedly incredible deals you will encounter on any advertising associated with the words Black Friday are not deals at all when you consider the true cost. The big box retailer employees paid an incredible amount by having to work all day to bring you the deals without fitting compensation. You better believe the big boys who came up with these dirty Black Friday strategies are off enjoying the holiday with their loved ones in their cozy chateaus. Please add in the poor workers in China who supplied the labor to produce the Blockbuster Deals and survive on mere pennies. Equally as devastating is the plight of those American workers who have no jobs because their manufacturing job was taken to China so the big-box retailer can get a way with highway robbery on labor cost. We must also consider the lost of the unique and caring mom and pop shops that have been annihilated by big box retailers whose customer service creed is best summed on as “we do not give a flip, we just want the numbers to make our stockholders happy.”  Finally, consumers should consider their cost when they buy poor quality items that need to be replaced over and over again. When you add all the true cost up, Black Friday is a losing proposition.

Those of us not duped by Black Friday will instead choose to do our holiday shopping locally at the remnant of mom and pop small businesses still among us, buy products produced from companies that demonstrate care for their employees and buy from artisans online (please consider our company @ offering curated Beautiful Artisan Goods) and in brick and mortar stores producing unique items that are made to last.