Bon Appetit Magazine: Who Needs Holiday Decorations When Your Glassware Is This Festive?

I would make several trays of stuffing, roast chickens (my apologies, turkey), and tastefully arrange the bottles of wine everyone brought over in an ice bucket on my bar. I live in a small apartment that used to be crammed with people and food alike (again, major TBT), which meant there was no room for holiday decorations. But who even needs decorative gourds, cornucopias, or candles shaped like flightless birds when Estelle Colored Glass’s coupe and wine glasses are scattered across your table? (The answer is: no one.)

Stephanie Summerson Hall started Estelle Colored Glass as an homage to her grandmother Estelle’s love of antiquing and cooking. All of her pieces are hand-blown and vintage-inspired from warm orange wine glasses to blush pink cake stands. But I’m partial to the coupe glasses. I want to drink freezing cold dirty martinis and sparkly Champagne out of them, no matter the time of year or the number of people in my apartment. 

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