Martha Stewart: 15 Black-Owned Home and Textile Businesses to Support Now and Always

Purchasing Black makers' work is an impactful way to support the Black community, and doing so is one of many ways that we can intentionally practice anti-racism in our everyday lives. Here, we've curated incredible creatives—from ceramicists, upholsterers, furniture designers, and more—with home décor and textile shops that you need to know about, now and always. Learn their stories and support their businesses: We are, and we hope you will, too.

Stephanie Summerson Hall (above)—an attorney turned entrepreneur—designs the prettiest, most delightful glassware. Her collection of candy-colored wine glasses and cake stands are inspired by her grandmother, and the brand's namesake, Estelle; Stephanie fondly recalls collecting vibrant glass and antiquing with her as a child.



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